Meadow Creek Organics, LLC
was formed to create a bridge to better health by bringing local organic products directly to you, in the most convenient way possible. With the instability of the healthcare system and the skyrocketing costs associated with treating chronic conditions that are diet related, we're all looking for ways to take control of our own health and focus on a healthier future! Coupled with the insecurities surrounding where our food comes from, my passion is to provide the safest, healthiest food from a source that you know and trust. In addition, I have spent time developing strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses that I value for my own health and wellness and trust completely. (See Strategic Partners under Our Partners above). It takes intentional effort to be healthy, but you're the only "YOU" there is so you're worth it!

I’ve spent summers on my grandparents’ farms and also have a passion for supporting organic farmers and farmers in transition from conventional to organic farming. The lifestyle of farmers in food production is a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week commitment. The respect that I have for these farmers, who consciously commit to practices that are multiple times the cost of traditional farming, in order to produce healthy food, is immeasurable.

I hope you'll join this journey with me, continually learning about the power of health from the food we eat, the importance of keeping our whole body in alignment and functioning optimally in a more holistic state of health and appreciating the choices we have to control our own health.

Linda Gilgore